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Cyber Ops

CyberOps believe that by tailoring the strengths and approaches used by Governments and large organisations across a range of industries to align with the needs of small to medium businesses, heightened risk resilience, effective cyber protections and regulatory alignment can be achieved in a scaled practical way.
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Cyber Compliance

CyberOps helps people meet their cyber compliance obligations by assisting them develop a series of checklists and action plans for their organisation. The legal requirements placed on companies are becoming more onerous year on year, so preparation is critical for success.

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Cyber Preparation

CyberOps can assess your entities current cybersecurity readiness at an architectural and implementation level. CyberOps can also carry out tests on your network resilience using tools from our R&D labs. By tailoring the approaches used by Government and large industries, we have organised our services to align with the small to medium market who still face the same risks of larger organisations, but with a fraction of the resources.

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Cyber Publications

Though the basics of cybersecurity remain constant, the details such as attack vectors are rapidly changing. Through a series of publications and presentations CyberOps aims to keep its customers well informed about the critical events in the Cyber community.

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CyberOps R&D Lab

CyberOps is planning to build a state of the art cyber lab in Australia for variety of purposes. More to come on this exciting venture in the future.

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